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Some time ago I was fascinated by the ability of Elon Musk (as well as his various teams) to perform incredibly complex things-often on ridiculous schedule ..

To love him or to hate him is hard to deny that Musk is a very productive guy. And as someone who likes to dig into the habits of successful, productive people, I recently began to wonder:

What are the habits, practices and mindset that can bring Ilona Mask to do something?

Or, in other words, which aspects of how Musk works and thinks, maybe.

After reading Ashley Vance's book.

Yeah, first habit is a show. Listen to me ...

In Reddit AMA 2015, one of the most optimistic questions is

"What daily habit do you think has the greatest positive impact on your life?"

Musk just said, "Shot."

I admit that my initial reaction to this answer was that Elon was mostly trolls of this man-and hey, maybe it was ...

I was thinking about it a little more deeply, I was reminded of the related but broader truth that I came to know:

If I wake up, I shower and.

This is what many entrepreneurs learn when they first start working for themselves, and that many students find out when they go to college ...

The fewer external structures you have in your life-managers, parents, incredibly hard fairies named Jorgen von Stringa-the more you need to rely.

And these two features surprisingly affect your appearance, hygiene, and even the cleanliness and organization of your personal space. I learned it over and over again, and I am prepared to say with a great degree of confidence that Musk will agree ...

So, if you want to be more productive in your work, you take these things seriously:.

  • Every day-or at least often enough-that you do not smell like beta tester for cologne sold by Oscar Grooch ...
  • It's good to dress. I don't mean you need to wear a suit and tie to a class; however, you should take the time and take care of dressing in clothes that make you feel confident. Your outfit doesn't have to communicate." If you sleep every morning, you will perform the first task of the day. This will give you a small sense of pride, and it will tempt you to perform another task, the other one and the other. "
  • Muskus is a very demanding CEO, expecting that his staff will be in the contest for a long time, to lean on the contest, and to rechew quite a lot of the concept of work-life balance ...

    This demanding character may make him seem abrasive and uncaring; here is one example of a conversation he had with a Tesla employee:

    " I want you to think and think so hard every day when your head hurts. I want your head to hurt every night when you go to bed.Despite this, the majority of current and former employees of Musk leave him and willing to sacrifice a balanced life to meet his demands. Why?

    One reason is that Musk does not expect any of his teams to work more than he does. In other words,

    Muskus puts it anywhere from 85 to 100 hours a week, often working for a full 7 days. It has also developed an intensive batch-processing process to be as efficient as possible ...

    Of course, part of installing the sample will make sure that your example is.

    Steve Jurvetson, a member of the Tesla Board of Directors, explained the Musk's argument about this location:

    " He chooses the most visible place on the field. He's in Tesla about every Saturday and Sunday and wants people to see him and know they can find him. "

    Although he spends a lot of time away from the office-visiting meetings, travelling through the places of the suppliers, talking to the press, etc.-when it will be there in hours.

    The Musk also uses these weekend days to contact external providers, another way to install the sample. There's Jurvetson again:

    " Then he can call the suppliers at the weekend and let them know that he personally puts the clock on the factory floor and.

    Here's how this relates to your personal productivity: by deliberately choosing a good example for those around you.

    Plus, when you're working on it.

    One of the most notorious features of Elon Musk-or, in the eyes of critics, is his propensity to recruit.

    " It's like he's all working on this car that's got to get from L.A. to New York on one gas tank. They will work on the machine during the year and test all parts of it. Then, when they found him in New York City after this year, all the vics alone think the car's going to Las Vegas. What's happening is that the car gets into New Mexico twice as much as they expected -- and Elon is still angry.

    I stressed that the last sentence, because it illustrates the power perfectly.

    In essence, the goal of stretching is a goal that goes beyond your current capabilities-or rather your current.

    If you think you can make five gradients, and your coach tells you to take a bar and do 10, he just put you in a rather difficult task. And what's going to happen is that you probably won't get to ten elevations ...

    Often, seemingly unattainable goal is what we need to move past our biased limits. You must have hands to strive for something that you cannot achieve at present; in the pursuit of that, you grow your skills where they should be to do it ...

    That's height.

    Some people might say he knows that.

    On the side of the flip, Musk's targets (and the amazing contribution of his team is that I am.

    The establishment of the objectives that maintain the status quo does not give you reusable rockets ...

    Among other technology companies, Musk is one of the few who.

    It's a broad understanding of physics.

    His breadth of knowledge also allows him to further encourage his team to innovate, leading to results that critics and outside experts have previously cheated as impossible ...

    We go back to the reusable rockets we've just mentioned in his book "Ashlee Vance notes:.

    ".There is a camp of space experts who think that Musk is wasting its time, and that engineering calculations already prove that reusable rockets can be stupid ...

    The science and engineering knowledge of Musca is not only a product of his premanagement. Even when he was working on his companies, he stros the basics of what his employees were building ...

    Here's a great extract from Vance's book on this:

    He silked the engineer at the SpaceX factory and was working on it to roast it by a valve type or a specialized material. "I first thought he was challenging me to see if I knew my things," said one of the early engineers Kevin Brogan. Then I realized he was trying to learn something. He would have shivered until he knew ninety percent of what you knew.Mook's insistence on every aspect of engineering that comes into his company's products makes him.

    On the contrary, I am an AKA.

    There are also things that could be called "Dash"-those who have a broad-yet undeep knowledge of many different subjects, but no true expertise in any of them. There you are.

    In the form of T-shaped you can use the best of two worlds; you will have enough experience in one field to make a truly significant contribution-to be.

    It's, hands down, my favorite citation The Mask:

    " I think it's very important to have a feedback loop where you think about what you've done and how you could do it better. I think that's it.

    Elon Musk is never satisfied with where he is now, while he can be proud that he and his companies have managed to achieve this.

    This is a mindset that enables Mazzka, for example, to get $120,000 price quotations from the supplier of electromechanical transmission, laugh and tell the employee to build one from zero with a budget of only $5000 ..

    (This employee, Steve Davis, completed the $3,900 construction, and the Falcon 1 rocket went into space.)

    There's a name for this way of thinking. This is called.

    A man of thinking growth thinks:

    -I can learn something if I make every effort. If I fail, I will just stand up and try again-this time with new knowledge about what not to do. My potential is limited only by the willingness to work and try new approaches. "

    People who don't think that way are.

    They may also consider that they are now doing their best.

    This kind of thinking is what people get stuck in the ruts. This leads to stagnation. Over time, as competition becomes more competitive, new challenges arise, and time and hardships take their toll, it erode any advantage that a person holding the mood may have already used ...

    Meanwhile, those who are living with a growth-oriented life will make progress. And even if the gains made every day are small, they add up with time ...

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