How to use the technique feynman for learn faster (with examples)

Last updated on February 8, 2017,

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There’s a quote, which is often attributed to Albert Einstein, which goes:

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well.”

Regardless of whether Einstein himself was talking about it (he has never been properly forged, so probably he didn’ t do it), it’s still an insightful observation. In addition, it provides a rather powerful tip to the reverse:

In trying to explain the concept in simple terms, you will quickly see where you have a good understanding of the concept. You did.

That’s the idea behind you.

Named after the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics.

In addition, to help you identify the problem areas in the concepts you are trying to explore, Feynman Technic provides a quick and efficient way to spin these areas with.

So how do you use it?Since the root of this method includes.

As I have said, the mere definition of a concept is only half the battle. If you want to explain it clearly, you have to.

In the spirit of eating my own dog food, I have included three examples of how you can use Feynman techniques below ..

Example #1: Pythagorean Theorem.

Let’ s start with a simple example. Pythagoras’s theorem shows how you can find the length of any hypotenuse of the right triangle:

When I first started writing this explanation, I just wrote the phrase from above, and then added the formula ..

Note, however, that there are a couple of completions on the final page:.

  • A little picture, showing you what the right triangle is.
  • An arrow specifying C in the formula.
  • It was my attempt to go back and simplify the explanation further. Even with a fundamental mathematical theorem like this, there are still assumptions and terms that include ideas you can’t be 100% clearer. Challenge Yourself to discover these things and define them …

    Example #2: Bayes ‘ Theorem.

    Since the Pythagorean theorem is a fairly simple concept, I thought you might see an example using something more complex.

    Here’s a page that works through a specific example and using the formula:.

    These pages make decent work to explain Bayes ‘theorem’ at a very broad level, but I will be the first to recognize that it is a topic that accepts.

    In fact, I had to spend three hours reading through A.I. researcher Eliezer Yudkovski.

    Example #3: Box CSS Model.

    Here’s an example of how Feynman’s method can be used to revise a non-mathematical concept …

    The CSS template model is a size representation tool.

    To refine the general explanation of this page, here is an example of an element with defined height, width, field, field, and border values that are written in the CSS code:

    In addition to writing code, I thought it would be very useful to show how each attribute affects the total size of the element ..

    In the case of a pleasant Web developer, it may not be immediately obvious that, say, padding value.

    If you’re curious about the Box model and want to know more, then.

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    Last tip: While you are working at Fainman Tequica for any particular concept, it may be useful to pretend that you explain this concept to the child …

    This will enhance your understanding for one simple reason, and you asked: “

    ”.While older people often get used to taking things at face value, children are naturally curious. They quickly point to their confusion.If you teach the child how Pifagorain Theorem works and give it a formula for its use, there is a good chance that he will ask you:

    -Why does this formula work? How can you know that’s true?

    and then you realize that the child was actually Mr. T in disguise, and now your life depends on explaining the geometric concept. How did you even get here?Seriously, but that’s a great way to think about it. Maybe you did.If we are talking about other concepts, you probably rely on him.

    After you have done so and have completed all the steps, you can further refine your knowledge of what you are exploring with other methods, including:.

    Are you looking for more tips?

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  • Take a minute.
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    If you want to get a free copy of the book, let me know where to send it:.

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