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Last updated September 6, 2016

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It doesn’t matter … I still feel like I need an axe, a punch, and a table. It’s got to be something in my DNA …

In fact, it makes sense when I think about it; my grandfather is an expert in wood and spends most of his time on DIY projects in a huge shed that he built in the backyard …

My skills are pale in comparison, but there are times when I get a good enough reason to take my hands off the keyboard during the day and to justify my purchases of tools. Some of my projects have ended on this blog or on my social networks, including:

Each of these projects was incredibly amusing to build. Also, there is something special about the particular sense of achievement you get when you are.

I think that part of the reason is that the DIY projects almost always require me.

As soon as the project is legitimate, I now have not only what I have created, but I also have a lot of new skills and knowledge-how to apply epoxy, for example …

That’s why I think it’s a great idea for your hands to be dirty, and from time to time, go to the DIY route when you needed to solve the problem. You get new skills, you enjoy it yourself-and (sometimes) you save money for download ..

But where do you go to DIY? Well, as mentioned earlier, one of my favorite juntas is YouTube. And on my favorite DIY YouTube channel.

I opened Bob’s channel during my shooting project. I originally got this idea from Casey Neistat, but if you were watching Casey’s video, you would know that his service configuration was

A quick YouTube search later, I found that Bob was receiving a project-which I quickly realized was much better, much better …

My design was a little different-I designed it to put it together since I don’t have a special job like him, but his video has provided important information that I need to complete the project. What’s more, I found it really entertaining, so I was, of course, peeping, looking at a lot of my videos. Here are some of my favorites:

Bob actually started out as a DIYer hobbyist, after working in web development and programming for more than a decade, he started building DIY projects to give himself an opportunity to work with hands (something I often feel in this case)

After deciding to make videos of his projects, his channel on YouTube climbed; today I like to make Stuff more than 800,000 followers, and he started working at Bob’s full rate …

In this episode, you will learn how Bob was able to get from the web developer to DIY YouTuber, and you will also learn about.

In addition, we are talking a little bit about how to start with DIY on your own, including.

The things mentioned in this episode:

You want a cooler thing? You can find the most different tools in mine.

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